HelpStudio 2011 Preview Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of a preview release of the next version of HelpStudio. This preview release has some important limitations and does not contain the full range of functionality that will be in the final release version so please read this release note carefully before installing it.

We will be issuing regular updates to the preview release over the coming weeks. As well as fulfilling our own schedule for finalizing the functionality of HelpStudio 2011, these future updates will include bug fixes and changes made in direct response to feedback that you, as invaluable users of this preview release, provide us with.

If you are able to please do take the opportunity to try out this preview release. There exists a genuine opportunity for you to help shape the features and functionality in this major update to HelpStudio. You can download the beta from the Downloads\Beta section of the web site.

What's New in HelpStudio 2011

  • Microsoft Help Viewer Support: Comprehensive support for the new Microsoft help platform introduced with Visual Studio 2010;
  • Document! X 2010 Integration: HelpStudio 2011 integrates with Document! X 2010 in a much more seamless way than in previous HelpStudio versions. If both HelpStudio and Document! X are installed (using a new combination setup package), the combined functionality of both products is available in each product and projects containing both the reference and conceptual aspects can be created in either product.
  • Ribbon based Ui: New Ribbon based user interface, including contextual tabs for Table editing and Microsoft Word style mini toolbar in the Topic editor, providing quick and easy access to common formatting commands and build flags.
  • Profile specific Template Setting: Each Build Profile can now use a different template. Whilst in the Topic editor you can easily switch between profiles in order to work in a WYSIWYG view precisely matching a given profiles output;
  • Rules: A powerful new way to determine which items are included in the generated documentation. Conditions, Rules and Rule Groups can be defined and combined to precisely control the documentation content.
    • Build Flag conditions include or exclude items and content according to applied flags;
    • Item Name conditions include or exclude items with specific name (regular expressions supported).
  • Booklet hyperlinking: It is now possible to generate booklets where internal links between topics included in the booklet are clickable hyperlinks in the generated Pdf.
  • Source Control Integration: Integration with Team Foundation Server 2008, 2010, and SourceSafe for version control.

Functionality not in this Preview release

There are several HelpStudio features which are not present in this preview release, but will be included in a subsequent preview release and the final release version:

  • Project Index editor, Topic List and Task List;
  • Content Snippet Window;
  • External Import (Word, CHM, Html and RoboHelp);
  • Localization Report and the Localization Xml Import and Export wizard;
  • Integration with SourceGear Vault for Source Control support;
  • Imaging functionality (thumbnail creation, image editing, screen capture);
  • Docking window layout save / load;
  • Help File.

Installation and Side by Side Compatibility

HelpStudio 2011 can be installed on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Downloading the preview setup

You can download the preview release setup from You must have a HelpStudio 3 license in order to download and install the beta setup.

Installing with Document! X 2010

In order to install HelpStudio 2011 with Document! X 2010, you must download and install from the combined setup available on the download page above.

Side by Side Installation with HelpStudio 3

HelpStudio 2011 can be installed side by side with HelpStudio 3 and you can use your existing HelpStudio 3 serial number to activate. If you don't want to replace the HelpStudio 3 file associations, select the "Custom" setup type during installation and untick the file associations option.

Opening Existing Projects

Opening your existing HelpStudio 3 projects is fully supported. We strongly recommend that you take a back up of your projects before working with them in HelpStudio 2011 for safety, but we would encourage you to experiment with HelpStudio 2011 using your existing projects and content if possible as well as creating new projects.

Providing Feedback

There are a number of ways in which you can provide feedback on this preview release:

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