Document! X 2008 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Document! X 2008.

This major update to Document! X includes Visual Studio 2008 support, ASP.NET Ajax Javascript documentation, Visual Studio 2008 style templates for all documentation types and Community Features (comments, private notes and ratings) through support for the new Innovasys Community Extensions product.

If you have a Document! X Subscription license you are entitled to upgrade to this version free of charge. You can upgrade your existing license at:

We encourage you to download and try the evaluation version of Document! X 2008 to see for yourself the new features.You can find full product information, including screenshots and sample output at:

For a limited time as a Document! X 5 user you can upgrade to Document! X 2008 for just £149 GBP.  You can purchase on-line for immediate upgrade at:

New Features

Visual Studio 2008 Integration

Full support for Visual Studio 2008 is included in this release, including the Visual Comment Editor for VB.NET and C# projects.

ASP.NET Ajax Javascript Documentation

Document! X is the first commercial documentation product to be able to produce comprehensive documentation for ASP.NET Ajax Javascript libraries. The output produced by Document! X includes syntax and usage sections, object model diagrams and namespace hierarchies.Document! X can document both from .js files and from resources embedded in a .NET assembly.Full use is made of Javascript XML format source comments, both for descriptive content and for type information that improves the accuracy and usefulness of the generated documentation.Both 2005 and 2008 style templates are provided for ASP.NET Ajax Javascript documentation.

Community Features

Adding community features (ratings, private notes and public comments) to your documentation is now as simple as enabling an option on the the Community Features page in the project editor. You can now easily build a community around your documentation and allow your help users to share tips and techniques.The server side component of the community features is serviced by Innovasys Community Extensions - an ASP.NET web application. Innovasys Community Extensions is available via a hosting subscription, or can be licensed for installation on your own web server. A license for a local installation of Innovasys Community Extensions is included with a team license (5 or more licenses) of Document! X or HelpStudio.A free to use evaluation Community Extensions server is run by Innovasys in order to make it simple for you to explore the Community functionality. There is also an evaluation version of the Community Extensions web application available for download from the Innovasys web site if you wish to evaluate the self hosted option.You can learn more about Community Extensions on the Community Extensions Product Page.

Feedback and questions

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