Innovasys Newsletter - May 2008

Innovasys Newsletter - May 2008

This is the first edition of what is planned to be a regular newsletter keeping you up to date with news, tips and release information for Innovasys products.

It is never our intention to send you email that you would rather not receive - you are receiving this email as a registered user of one or more Innovasys products. If you would not like to receive future editions of this newsletter, simply please reply to this email with NONEWS in the subject line.

Tech-Ed 2008Visit Innovasys at Microsoft Tech-Ed Developer Week - Booth 1451

Innovasys will be exhibiting at the Tech-Ed Developer Week in Orlando from June 3-6th.

If you are attending, please drop by our booth to say hello; we would love to hear about your experiences with Innovasys products and to discuss with you our future release plans.

Release Information

QA Studio Released

QA Studio is a brand new product from Innovasys for the authoring, management and execution of manual test scripts. Although there are many products available for automated and unit testing, the area of manual test script authoring and management has been poorly represented - until now.

Manual testing still makes up over 50% of testing efforts in most organizations, but few organizations have an effective toolset to enable them to author rich, re-usable test cases and manage the manual test process. QA Studio fills this requirement by leveraging the proven market leading authoring technology from HelpStudio with Web 2.0 style test execution and management features that make it simple to co-ordinate a test team, record test results and timings and report on test completion status in real time.

In a similar way to our other products, QA Studio was created from our own need for a toolset to manage our manual testing process and we have been using it internally for some time.

You can find out more about QA Studio, view sample test scripts and download an evaluation version from the QA Studio Product Page.

Tips and Tricks

Even when you use a product regularly you can still discover features that you simply didn't know were there. This section of the newsletter contains a handful of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Innovasys products.

Shortcut keys

Document! X, HelpStudio and QA Studio: The F5 key can be used to start a build.

HelpStudio: It can sometimes be a tricky exercise to insert a new paragraph above or below existing content. Pressing NumPad + will immediately create a new paragraph below the current element / paragraph. Pressing NumPad - will create a new paragraph above.

Multiple select in HelpStudio

Although it was introduced as a feature some time ago, many customers are not aware that you can select multiple items in the HelpStudio Project Explorer and Table of Contents editors. Click, hold Shift and select a second item to select all items between. Hold Ctrl and click multiple items consecutively to select them all.

Once you have multiple items selected, you can drag and drop them to your topic, to the Table of Contents editor etc. and use the context menu commands just as you would a single item. Note that you can only select multiple items of the same type (multiple topics, categories etc.).

Quick build in Document! X

Holding down the shift key whilst clicking the blue Document! X toolbar button in Visual Studio (or the build button in the Document! X IDE) will start an immediate build of the documentation.


All the best,
The Innovasys Team

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