Highlighting New Items

Document! X includes the ability to automatically mark new items - both in the Table of Contents and in generated pages. This functionality works with conceptual topics (where the topic modification date or a custom topic property can be used to record the topic creation date) and for reference documentation items - .NET types and members, COM Components and members, Database and XSD Schema objects etc.

The highlighting is illustrated below - note the red triangle at the top of the topic pane, and the tick on the Table of Contents:

Whilst this is an easy feature to use once you understand how it works, there are a couple of specific things you need to do to get this working.

Firstly, you need to set the date after which you currently consider things new on the New Content Highlighting page in the Build Profile editor:

Then you need to identify the date on which specific types / members were introduced; you do this in the Content File Editor - select a type or member and click the IsNew toolbar button to show the editor for recording the date.

You can also do this using the xml comment in .NET source if you are documenting a .NET assembly, e.g.

/// <isnew IsNewDate="15/04/2019"/>
public class MyClassToHighlightAsNew

The Is New functionality works this way so that when you come to document the next version and don't want the previous releases new items marked as new, you only need to change the date in the Build Profile editor rather than having to go back and remove your IsNew content items / xml comments.



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