Including a front page without a header or footer (Cover Page) in a PDF Booklet

You can include pages that don't have a header or footer, by creating a Topic containing the cover page content and then adding a "Booklet Cover Page" entry to the Table of Contents or the "Content" page in the Booklet editor.

Add a Booklet Cover Page node to the Table of Contents

Topics referenced by a "Booklet Cover Page" node will not have a header or footer in the generated output. Cover page topics will have a title, but you can set the title of your topic to a single space if you don't want a title included. You can include any content you like in a Cover Page Topic, including for example a large image and can use any formatting you would normally use in HTML - e.g. centered text, large font sizes etc.

Add the cover page entry first in the Table of Contents to have it output as the first page in the Booklet.

In our latest versions (2016 onwards), you can optionally include either the header or the footer to the cover page by right-clicking the table of contents node and selecting "Edit". From there, you can select these features individually - this is useful in case you only wished to show the footer - or only show the heading, and you can also optionally set the "Full Page (No Margins) setting.



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    Martin Merkel

    This works for me, I created the cover page and assigned a topic that uses No Headers and No Footer.html as page type. When I build the booklet I get a warning though:

    The custom page type 'No Headers and No Footer.html' referenced by Topic 'XYZ' could not be fount in the current Template. This Topic will use the standard page type instead.


    I used Booklet 2012 style initially and now use a custom template based on Booklet 2012.

    The standard page type however reserves the header and footer areas and I cannot place any graphics elements in these regions that I would like to use on the cover page.

    Has anybody created a 'No Headers and No Footer.html' for the Booklet templates yet?


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