Updating Widgets for compatibility with latest standard Templates

This article will explain how to update widgets in the our latest editions (2016 onwards) of Document! X and HelpStudio. This is needed if you have customized or legacy versions of the widgets saved by a previous version of Document! X and/or HelpStudio.

The new widgets in the 2016 versions have been upgraded and simplified to work with the improved new templates. You can find out some more information on this update here: http://www.innovasys.com/support/templateupgrade/2012

If you didn't create any custom widgets, it is possible that they have been accidentally created, or included from a legacy version. I would recommend deleting these custom widgets. Custom widgets are found on four different levels:

1) Application Level - Located in the Application Menu, under Options and then under Widgets and shown under the "Global Custom" heading.

2) Template Level - Located in the Custom Template editor, under Widgets. They are shown under the "Template" heading.

3) Project Level - Located by pressing the Project Settings button on the Project Ribbon tab, under Widgets. They are shown under the "Project" heading.

4) Build Profile Level - Located in the Build Profile editor, under Widgets. They are shown under the "Project Profile" heading.

The basic process for deleting a custom widget is the same once you reach the correct location - by selecting the widget and pressing the delete button. After this, HelpStudio will automatically leverage the widgets from the 2016.1 version.

If you have made any customizations to the widgets, you will need to make a note of the changes you have made, delete the widget, and then recreate the widget (either from scratch or based on an existing widget). If you run into any issues, you can find assistance by contacting support@innovasys.com



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