Using Image Hotspots

This article will help you understand what Image hotspots are, and how to use image hotspots in your content.

Hotspots are an idea for when you would like to have a background image and designate text overlaid on top of the image as hyperlinks to other topics, items in the project or even internal URL's. For example picture a floor plan of a house with each room labeled (kitchen, hallway, closet...etc). Clicking on the label would act as a hyperlink to different topic for that room.

In order to add a new hotspot:

  1. Add an image to your content;
  2. Right click on the image and select one of the "Add ... Hotspot" commands (rectangle, ellipse, polygon);
  3. Use the mouse cursor to select the area you wish to turn into a clickable link
  4. On the link designer dialog, specify the target for the hotspot (use a link url of "#" on the "Link to a web page or other internet url" page on the link designer if you don't want the hotspot to link anywhere);
  5. Type the caption you want to appear when the user hovers the mouse in the "Link Caption" field on the link designer.
  6. Click OK and the new hotspot will be added.



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