Show Image Caption In PDF Booklet Output

This article will explain how to show the image caption in the Booklet Output. This can be useful if you wish to show the captions in your booklet output. 

By default, the Dynamic Image widget does not include the captions for the image. You can manually re-enable this with a custom style.

First, you need to create a custom stylesheet by clicking the "Project" ribbon tab, and then clicking "New Stylesheet". I would recommend creating a new custom stylesheet so that you can specify that this rule is only used in the booklet outputs.

Then, on the Project Explorer, right click the Stylesheet (it should be under "Other Files" then "Stylesheets") and apply the "Exclude from Online" build flag. Then, simply open the stylesheet and paste the following CSS Rule into your custom stylesheet.

.i-thumbnail-container p {
    display: block;

Ensure you have saved your project and then simply build your booklet output. Image caption should then be included. Example:




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