Introducing The 2017 Light Template

In our 2017 versions of Document! X and HelpStudio, we have released a new set of Templates. These are inspired by the Microsoft "MS Docs" design style. The templates feature a simplified and fresh layout featuring the Segoe font and a seamless output combining both the Table of Contents and the main content area of the page.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents populates on demand - always showing the current topics location as well as child and parent nodes one level above and below. A highlight on the ToC indicates the current page you are viewing. This pane is resizable and the size persists between sessions.

Top Header Bar

A Top header bar includes a search box and a link to the index, and can also optionally include your documentation title and a logo for your content. The bar and text colors are fully customizable via the Properties page of the Build Profile Editor.

Dynamic Width

The light templates feature a dynamic width that automatically makes changes to the layout and subtle changes to the typography in response to the available display width. This includes automatic content breaking and content resizing - with the right-hand content bar being moved above the topic, and then the ToC hidden in low width environments.


Right Hand Content Bar

A right-hand content bar includes the Language Filtering Options, Member Options, and any Collapse/Expand all options - as well as the new optional In This Topic functionality.

Enhanced In This Topic Functionality

With the new template, you no longer need to include a widget to show an "In this Topic" summary in your topic - simply ensure the option is enabled in the templates page in the Build Profile Editor. The functionality includes the ability to have links to each level of headers, Collapsible Headings, and Headings nested inside Drop Down sections. Each link is clickable to easily navigate to each section, and the In This Topic menu will visually highlight the section you are on:

Where can I view a Demo of the new Light Template?

You can view our own online documentation that demonstrates our new Light template here:


The Light Style Templates are available for every supported documentation type in our 2019 versions of Document! X and HelpStudio. The template is supported in all of the output types - Browser, CHM, Help 2, Microsoft Help Viewer and for HelpStudio users, the Booklet output.

We are very excited to hear your thoughts on these new templates! Please let us know what you think in the comments section below, or email us at




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