How To Remove The Table Of Contents Icons

This article will explain how to remove the icons from the table of contents in the Material template. This is useful if you are looking to create a minimalist look to your browser output.

This method applies to the Classic and Material Templates. The Light template does not use any icons in its Table of Contents due to its minimalist design and thus does not require this method!

There is not an option built in to remove the icons from the Table of Contents in the material template, but you can achieve this with a custom template. 

You can find out how to create a custom template here:

In this case, the base template would be the Browser Material Template. Once you have created your custom template, it will then open for editing. You then have to navigate to the Other files section and find the toc.css file (Located under Other Files > template > packages > core-web > css >). You need to include the following CSS at the bottom of toc.css:

/* Remove Icon Image */
ul#i-root a > ins.i-icon {
 display: none;

Finally, you need to save your custom template, then open your build profile editor and select your new custom template under the Templates page for the Browser Help Navigation. Your table of contents will then look like this:



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