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First, just wanted say what a neat product this is. I was looking over some of the technical guides and such combined with stuff on MSDN. I have built a vb2005 project that I am using the code below to reference a built assembly from HelpStudio Light. I can get my help file to display, all the individual links. When I try to update the contents section of the MS HELP2.0/MS Document Viewer, I get an exception error.

I have tried using just the name space, the hxt file, and the original page but nothing seems to work.  I guess what my question is, what is the link to the TOC so that I can have VB pass tis to MS Document Viewer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




'Declares an object that will receive the instance of the Help Window


Dim dte As EnvDTE.DTE

dte = CType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetActiveObject("VisualStudio.DTE.8.0"), EnvDTE.DTE)

'Retrieves the instance of the Help windowhelpObj = dte.Help

'Shows the topic specified in URLhelpObj.displaytopicfromurl("ms-help://NameSpace/NameSpace/NameSpace_Application.html")



Catch ex As ExceptionMessageBox.Show("ERROR: " & ex.Message.ToString())


helpObj =


End Try

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