Auto generating links for PascalCase words


My company is using Doc-o-Matic (DoM) now for producing help. We're considering to change to DocumentX and HelpStudio pair. But we have come across some lack of features we've used to.

The major of them is very nice feature DoM has got. When it generates help it takes each word in Pascal-case and tries to find a reference topic for it.

For an instance. I create some topic which contains example code of a configuration file (.config). In this config-file we have some elements with attributes contain full type names:

    <subsystem type="MyCompany.MyProduct.SuperSubsystem, MyCompany.MyProduct">..

So, DoC can understand text 'MyCompany.MyProduct.SuperSubsystem' as a type name. And if I have reference documentation in the same help-project for this type, DoM create a link to it.

Can HelpStudio do such thing? If not, consider it plz as a suggestion :)

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