Is there an easy way to update a project when the Namespace changes

I have been using DocX to create help for a large DLL. My company is going to change the product name and, therefore, the Namespace name. I had some concerns about how DocX would handle it, so asked the developers to change the namespace for a one-off build. When I opened the project, DocX identified the orphans. Unfortunately, there are many hundreds of them. 

 It appears the only way to fix them is to reassociate them one-by-one using the Orphan window/dialog. Do you know of anyway to update them en-masse? The thought of updating each of them one at a time concerns me. Plus, if that is the only way I can update them, I am almost forced to stop working on the help until the finalize the namespace name change, or risk adding hundreds more orphans to be fixed later.

Any ideas?


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