Is it possible to add extra formating to example code?

I embed C# code from Visual Studio 2008 into Examples by pasting code. The pasted code retains the coloring used in VS. However, I would like to be able to highlight portions of the code that specifically illustrate the current method, either through bolding portions or using background colors. I have had no success as of yet.

In the Example dialog itself, I cannot find a way to modify pasted text. I tried using HTML codes, but it seems to ignore them.

After closing the dialog, I tried working with the text in the Example section. The text formatting and text background icons are both enabled, but do not seem to work properly. I can select a few lines of code and apply a special background color. The selected text shows the new background color. But when I preview the page, the coloring does not show up in the preview (or when building, too). Furthermore, when I go back to the full page edit page, the background color is no longer there.

 Any ideas?




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