VS2005 context sensitive help for not finding correct topic


I'm a new user of Document X. I've compiled Help 2.x help for a set of assemblies using the Visual Studio 2005 template and have integrated this into Visual Studio's help. It's all there with a ToC, indexes and looks good.

However, I've noticed that in the VS code editor if I put the cursor over class or member that is part of this help collection and press F1, help cannot find the item or shows a different topic with a similar name. For example, if I hit F1 over my documented class VicPol.Common.Repository.NHibernate.Select, help shows the topic DataTable.Select, or if I hit F1 on the member Page of VicPol.Common.Repository.NHibernate.Select, help shows Page members for System.Web.UI.Page.

In short, what am I doing wrong and how can I get help in Visual Studio to work with my compiled help?




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