How do I reference a specific section of code in a separate file for the API example code?


I would like to maintain my API documentation example code in a separate file which can be compiled within a test run. It seems possible to reference an external file in the XML documentation tags but I have not been able to refer to just a specific section of code within that file. I found a brief article on the Innovasys website describing the process using a file name, semi-colon and line numbers (e.g. filename.blah;100-123) but I am uncertain where to supply this within the XML tag in the source code (see below) - I've tried adding the semi-colon and line numbers after the ".cs" in the file name but it didn't seem to have any effect.


/// <example>This example shows...

/// <code title="GetSomethingAsync Example" description="" source="..\..\..\..\..\..\SomeProduct\SomeFolder\SomeAPIExamples.cs" lang="CS"></code>

/// </example> 


Thanks in advance for any help.




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