Example/Usage Code Coloring

This software is unbelievable. The features and flexibility are incredible. As a developer myself, I am amazed at how much detail Innovasys has incorporated into this software. It's just truly amazing!

Well, I do have a couple of questions.

1). I enabled the Community Features option. I've seen this feature show up at the bottom (footer) of Innovasys' own help files and that's where I'd like it to show up in mine, but it shows up in mine in both the top and the bottom. The placement in the top is a distraction and clutters the actual documentation IMO. I've searched for quite a while and just don't find anyplace to disable the display at the top.

To be more clear, I'm refering to the Web output pages and when I say 'top' I mean in the Usage examples area. At this point I don't have any community messages, but once I do I'm going to have the tops of my help pages showing user comments. Users will have to scroll down a page or two to find the actual help documentation. I kind of doubt this is the default configuration and my bet is that I've done something-somewhere that's causing this. I just don't know how to revert and have the Community Features show up only at the bottom of each page.

2) The tabbed Usage doesn't seem to want to display the example code colorized. It's all just black text except where there are blue links. I'm expecting green, blue and maroon colors in the example usage tabs. Again though, I've searched and searched, but I'm not finding an option to enable this styling. Also, again, I'm wondering if I might have done something that messed it up.

In an attempt to correct both of these problems I've completely deleted my Project folder and started from scratch. I left everything at its defaults and performed a build. But, I get the same results - no code coloring and Community Features at the top and bottom of each page.

Can anyone point me where to look to correct these things? Thanks!


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