Multi-Application Project Structure (noob)

Hi All

I'm a newbie (currently evaluating HelpStudio 2011). Looks like a great product. I have a few questions about structuring my project(s).

We develop and suite of applications (MIS system), so somewhat akin to MS Office, we have multiple apps (liek office has Word, Excel, Access, etc). Because they are tighlty integrated, what you do in one module (say, Order Management) has a significant impact on otter modules (e.g. Scheduling and Invoicing). So, I have some questions about whether it's better to create one huge project where each application is a topic category, or one project per application.

Some Considerations:

  1. My "See Also" links, I need to be able to link to other applications. Can i create links to other Projects?
  2. I'd like to have a project template that has peoperties such as AppName, ExeName, LgoinScreen, SplashScreen, so that the content refers to these properties to insert images and strings. Then if we change something in a future version, all we need to do is update the relevant file (splash screen, icon, etc) and everything will update.

  3. Further, I created a snippet called login, which is something like:

    To Launch %AppName%, click on the %ExeName% icon in  the Applications folder, or click the %icon% in the dashboard. This will show the login screen below: <img src="%LoginScreen%">

    This way I can reuse that content in every app, and if we change the login process, I update the snippet and all apps get updated.

 Any help appreciated


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