Notes and Suggestions


Here're some notes and suggestions for HelpStudio. Hopefully they could make it better:

  1. Each HelpStudio project should have its own instance of the chosen template. This will guarantee portability for the project files.
    Otherwise, there will be a high risk on losing my customized template if any, because all HelpStudio template files are stored usually out of the "user profile" scope in Windows, so that if I decided to backup my project files, I would probably forget the template files simply because they're not stored on the project files themselves.
    Moreover, if I was dealing with the project from the Source Control, I would not be able to check-in my modifications on the template files to the Source Control, and thus they can't be generalized to the rest of the team.
  2. There should be separated HTML templates for each language.
  3. In Glossary:
    1. Adding a new field called "Acronym" for each language.
    2. Showing entries in fields that belong to the middle-eastern languages automatically from right to left.
  4. An option to avoid fixed-header and fixed-footer in the resulted CHM file.
  5. A simple database for an FAQ page, just like Glossary.
  6. An ability to build Find/Replace queries for HTML codes with an ability to execute a sequence of queries using a one batch file.



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