Saving changes to Auto Index property in Topic Categories

Here's a mystery I may need help in solving..  

I am working on a project that is using source control integration (via TFS).  When modifying the "Auto Index" property of Topic Categories, I am not prompted to check out the project file when saving my changes.  When clicking the "Save All" button in the top menu, HelpStuio appears to save these changes without any issue.  That is, no message pops up letting me know that anything has gone wrong.  But re-opening the project file (without getting the latest version from source control) does not seem to retain these settings.

However, if I check out the project file, save the changes to this property, and then check-in the project file.  The changes to this property of the Topic Categories persists within source control.

So my question is this.. Why does attempting to make changes to the Auto Index property of Topic Categories not prompt me to check out the project file?

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