Problems with Document!X for .NET 4.0 (Type load error)

I try to create a reference documentation for a .NET 4 class library  based on a Document!X (Net 4.0) project.  For one of the input assemblies (say A), the reference for a public class is is not generated - its signature being: public class SearchProperty : INotifyPropertyChanged {...}. To be more precise: the class is just not recognized. In the content editor for the assembly it does not appear (there is nothing special about it; it exposes one public property).

A second assembly (B) references the SearchProperty class, but I cannot add this second assembly to the Document! X project because it is not able to locate the class. There is an exception saying: "System.TypeLoadException. Could not load type ...SearchProperty from assembly A..."  (Document! X obviously knows where to look for the class).

When I build the Document! X project (leaving aside assembly B), I get a "FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly B..." because some other assembly in the project refernces assembly B.

So, there is no chance to build my document. Do you have any idea what may go wrong (I tried a lot; I also think about older versions of the assemblies still available in the GAC - though the project explicitly uses assemblies from a local folder)?

Remark: Inspecting / editing the documentation for class SearchProperty within Visual Studio 2010 is no problem.



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