Documenting Database Schema @RETURN_VALUE and other Qs

We are using DocX 2011 to document a database schema.

So far we have covered most of the material using SQL self-documentation for tables, and comment tags for stored procedures. The DocX help shows briefly how to use ##SUMMARY ##REMARKS ##RETURNS and ##PARAMS.

My questions are:

1) the generated help shows @RETURN_VALUE, but I cannot find what tag to add to stored procedures to populate this. Can you let me know?

2) Is it possible to add a "see also" links to the database for DocX to extract. Since we can document almost everything else this would be great! Something like:
-- ##SEEALSO dbo.AnotherTable
-- ##SEEALSO dbo.sp_MyProcedure

3) Feature request: would be nice to have an option to remove the properties section for tables and stored procedures. This section is no use to us and would like to exclude it.

4) Are there any other tags that DocX supports but are not documented in the help?


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