Getting Script Error when Clicking Images in HelpStudio (RoboHelp Import)

I have a lot of RoboHelp X5 projects to convert to HelpStudio.  When I do a test import using Original (unmodified HTML) and keep the original RoboHelp HTMLHelp.css file, everything imports fine, however, when I click on any image in my help file, I get a script error on line 12, char 5492 of file jquery-1.7.2.min.js.  The error is "Object doesn't support this action".  This happens on every image.  I am using evaluation version 2012.1.61.0 on .NET 4.0.30319.269, on Win7Pro 64 bit.  I need to resolve this before we can commit to buy.  Any ideas on what is causing this?  The script section starts with "a.pageX==null&&d.clientX!=null&&(e=a.target.ownerDocument||c,f=e.documentElement...."

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