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  • Whenever I specify a table width and click to apply it, the width is forgotten and not applied. For printing purposes I want to limit my table width to reperesent that of an actual A4 as this helps me to see whether my pictures have been sized right to also fit onto an A4. I have made a general layout table with specified width and coloring, which I then copy into every new topic I start. The table will maintain its width for a while, and my paragraphs will wrap correctly, and then all of a sudden the table will jump to fit into my screen proportion and the paragraph line wrapping with change to fir that, and when i go into the table properties the specified width has been lost.

    In HelpStudio:

    Compiled Build:

    PDF Build:

    As you can see while editing my table size is maintained. Although as described it sometimes still losed the width formatting and defaults to the current page width. Then when its compiles into a help file the table takes the page width again. Finally when in PDF, ALL tables are lost and appear only as tags, and some of the text is cutoff alltogether. This is a MAJOR issue in our documentation.
  • We are not using any css to achieve the colouring or sizing, as described we have just made one general layout topic, which is then copied and edited.

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