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 Hi there,

 I am using an evaluation version of HelpStudio 3 and am trying to get the community features working on my help project. 

Using the default build profile, I have enabled Community Features on the Community Features page, and have it set up to use the public evaluation server provided by Innovasys. I have also added the required project key.

When I preview a topic in HelpStudio, I see that the community features load, and I am able to use them (note that HelpStudio appears to use IE as part of its preview).

However, when I build the Help project, and view the resulting html locally in FireFox, the pages do not load the community features. I would chalk that up to a local page not being allowed to load a external (internet) resource (the community ajax, etc).

But when I place my help html pages to my sandbox which IS online (at a normal url..), I see the same results! In fact, the only place that I have seen the community features load is on the computer which I am building help on, in IE7. All other browsers and computers that I view my help files on (on the internet) dont load the community features.

Anyone else have a similar experience? How did you resolve it? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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