Adding Files to the Help project causes source control check in TFS

My help project is unter source control with MS TFS 2010. Every time after saving a captured image in Helpstudio the new files are checked into source control. That causes my Visual Studio project to build because I have a "build after check in" policy defined in Visual Studio Team System. After saving a new image I would expect it to be saved to disk. Check in should happen when I start a check in. On top of that this automatic check in happens without asking for a check in comment even though "promt for comments when checkin in" is checked in the Integration preferences. Integration preferences are set to: - keep checked ouf after check in - automatically get the latest version of the project - automatically check out the item - prompt for comments when checking in Document! X + HelpStudio bundle, version 2011.1.106.0 Win7 64, German Visual Studio 2010 with TFS 2010 Internet Explorer installed: IE9.0.8112.16421

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