Using Document! X in Access 2007 VBA multiuser environment?

Can someone please help me with some insight on how to work with Document! X in a project where multiple developers do concurrent updates in the source code and they all want to have the ability to edit the documentation for the code they are working on at the moment?

A clarifying example:
Project is an Access 2007 database source controled with Access developer extensions.
Developer A and B are both coding on the same project but have different parts(files) checked out to them.
Both of them would like to have the ability to document their code with the use of Document! X with in the development environment.

As I understand it you have one Document! X project coupled to one development project of sort (Visual Studio Solution or other.) and from what I can gather there is no support for multiple concurrent access to a Document! X project and the documents within, or is there?

So how about it folks, anyone have some thoughts on this matter? Stick out tongue



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