Copy Code link for Colorized Example Code From File widget causes script error in VS2012 Help Viewer

The 'Colorized Example Code From File' Widget causes this script error in Visual Studio 2012 Help Viewer (and the image for 'Copy Code' displays as the red x image not found image):

The value of the property 'changeCopyCodeIcon' is null or undefined, not a Function object



The 'Colorized Example Code' widget does not cause this error, but the icon for 'Copy Code' doesn't show up for it.

The icons for Copy Code (plain, and when-selected-orange) show up fine in VS2010 Help Viewer, and in the CHM.

I'm using Document! X 2012.1.87.0 running under .NET 4.0.30319.17929 on Win7 x64. Any ideas on how to at least get rid of the script error? Getting the images back would be ideal, but not necessary.

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