HS 2013 Evaluation - Running Extremely Slowly

Firstly, my apologies for double posting, I don't normally do this on forums, but this issue is getting really annoying now..


I understand the laptop provided to me is not the most powerful computer ever (Win7 Ultimate x64 running on a Dell Precision M6300 - Core 2 Duo T9300, 4GB DDR2-667MHz, Nvidia Quadro FX-1600M), but surely it shouldn't be battling to run HelpStudio 2013.

As I type this, 2.7GB of my RAM is in use, about 475MB of that being HS alone. My CPU usage never really goes too high with HS running, but yet if I do so much as try and type in the topic editor, add a new paragraph, insert a widget, open a new topic, or any of the other project editing functions, HS takes forever to actually do anything, and very often Windows shows me a "Not Responding" message.

How on earth could simply adding a new paragraph to an existing topic (i.e. pressing [Enter]) cause HS to stop responding for about a minute..? This program is absolutely amazing, I would love to put through a request to my department manager for a licensed copy of this app, but if it's going to run like this then there's no way I can justify that request.

Has anyone else had performance issues with HS? Or is anyone else perhaps running it on a similar spec machine?


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