Customize Browser Help display (.NET Assembly Data)

I'm having a lot of trouble to customize the webcontent part (where the selected topic page is displayed) to make it look less MSDNish. I'm using a Browser Help template alongside .NET Assembly content files.


What I've tried:

- Using Custom types. They were not even displaying in the Content Files editor.

- Directly change the HTML. They are auto-generated during the Build.

- Look for the script generating the final HTML files, hoping to use diffenrent HTML pages template (i.e. class.html, class_members.html, ...)

The thing is, the pages displayed seem to be auto-generated from template pages (dx.net) that are not included in the Browser Help template. I'm presuming that because I'm using .NET Assembly data the topic content is generated using .NET template pages but, as a whole, the output uses the Browser Help pages.



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